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Katherine Leiner - Growing Roots

GROWING ROOTS: The New Generation of Sustainable Farmers, Cooks and Food Activists
"Growing Roots introduces us to a few dozen young food pioneers through their words and, even more usefully, their recipes. Think of it as a community cookbook for the food movement."
- Michael Pollan

"Katherine Leiner begins a journey that takes her back and forth across the nation interviewing who she now knows is a new breed of young people who find passion in good food."
- Alice Waters

"It's a pleasure reading what these people have to say about what they're doing with their lives, and how they spend their days and what they make of their futures. They all have great stories. Taken together they comprise a national sampling of on-the-ground, in the-the trenches food visionaries."
- Deborah Madison

Visit the Growing Roots Website for more in-depth information.

Read Katherine's contributions re: sustainable food related posts on Zester Daily.com.

Katherine Leiner - Digging Out

"A profoundly moving story that spans past and present, Wales and California, disaster and recovery. The characters become so real it's like having a new family. In language that is both spare and lush, it gathers up tremendous, unexpected losses and finds in them -convincingly- the equally unexpected seeds of hope."

Noelle Oxenhandler,
author of "The Eros of Parenthood"

Katherine Leiner - Mama Does The Mambo

Illustrated by Edel Rodriguez

"Sofia loved to watch her parents dance, her father's back straight and strong, her mother's skirts whipping a million lights. But Papa's been gone a long time now, and Sofia is beginning to wonder if she'll ever see her beautiful mama dance again."

"The resolution is at once bittersweet and exultant. Leiner's achievement is how much she manages to say without words." The Hornbook, Jan/Feb.2002.

Katherine Leiner - First Children

Growing Up in the White House

Illustrated by Katie Keller

Meet seventeen first families in this intimate look at the delights and dilemmas of growing up in the Executive Mansion.

"My Pick of the Year!"
Adam Gopnik, The New Yorker,
Dec. 1996

Katherine Leiner - Halloween
Halloween is an evening of magic and illusion for children of all ages. In this collection, Leiner has gathered photographs by some of the best photographers working in the medium today and accompanied by her imaginative text, capturing a witch here, a vampire there, a cowboy, a princess, or even Zorro himself. Each masterful photograph, contributed by such artists as William Wegman, Sally Mann, Joyce Ravid, Nigel Dickson and Sylvia Plachy (among others), evokes mystery and mischief.